Backed by science. Handled with care.

Doctors of Osteo’s mission was simple: to help those around them get better from injuries. As a start-up business this was a pure labour of love for the client which became a motivation from a design point of view. The brief was to create a warm, welcoming and relaxing osteopathy clinic that was inviting to all patients and staff members. Unlike typical clinics, the client had a vision to go beyond the norm and merge the traditional osteopathy design with elements of a day spa to produce a space that was unique and unforgettable.

Doctors of Osteo is not your typical osteopathy clinic, it is a hybrid space that combines the technical medical requirements with the calming qualities and aesthetic of a day spa. The amenities offered are personal and add to the user experience, making it a customised approach rather than a generic medical appointment. Every detail throughout the design process was considered with the end user’s experience in mind and making their journey through the space as unique and pleasant as possible.

The design features throughout are considered high-end and luxury as the ultimate vision was to create a space that was boutique and original. Elements such as curved ceilings, textured paint, bespoke wall panelling and custom joinery were important in making the clinic a one-of-a-kind design and experience. The space had a light and soothing atmosphere, similar to that of a day spa, not only making it unique but also a leader amongst the osteopathy industry. Although the size of the clinic was relatively small, it encompassed a range of amenities and every detail was considered with the patients’ needs in mind.

Being a small tenancy, we were extremely mindful of designing a space that was purposeful and functional in all aspects. We aimed to ensure every design element or feature served a purpose and was highly considered both from a spatial and visual perspective, making the design practical and sustainable.

The intention for the overall aesthetic was to create a calm and welcoming environment for all visitors that generated positive mental health and well-being. Given that the clinic offers osteopathy and relaxation services, the design direction tied in clearly with the company mission.