It’s all about connection.

Facebook’s Asia Pacific HQ gives its users the power to share, be open and more connected.

“Facebook is about people — and our workplaces should support our employees in ways they didn’t even know possible, working to stimulate collaboration, nurture cultural cohesion, and pave the way for ingenuity and invention.”

Facebook’s global design standards are pretty clear, create a space for people to connect. Working to a brief that inspired imagination, we developed a concept that was industrial, un-polished and deliberately void of any stereotypical spaces of the corporate world.

It’s probably not too much of a surprise to say that the office references several domestic and hospitality characteristics. From an iconic galvanised steel connective stair to a life size ‘write something’ comment wall Siren created a new status in Facebook’s property profile.

We worked with local artists to showcase Facebook’s bold and industrious personality. This personality is also synonymous with the open plan workspaces, fluid flexibility, sit to stand workstations (there’s even a vaunted treadmill desk) and extends to the open plan metal mesh kitchen joinery, just some of the unique features that make up the source code of this iconic office.

When the team were asked how they feel about their new space – the feedback was unanimous…WE LIKE!