Igniting high performance collaboration.

As a multi-faceted global company, Infosys wanted to create an on-site ecosystem that encompasses innovation, community and continuous learning, as well as showcasing the diversity of their business.

As a global technology company, Infosys’ offering is vast. In the design of their new workplace, set in the heart of the Melbourne Quarter Precinct in Docklands, it was essential that these offerings were showcased whilst being underpinned by the values of their brand. In addition, the project faced the ultimate challenge; being completely constructed during a global pandemic.

“Each area was defined to have its own identity, whilst establishing a connection within each space through the Infosys ecosystem. This was achieved by creating a design language that aided in navigating through the vast spaces throughout between each floor.”


Nicole Pollak, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Siren Design Melbourne

The brief for the project was to create a new workplace that embodied the core values of Infosys as a global business with a workplace model geared towards igniting high-performance collaboration between teams by offering many alternative settings across all levels. Infosys wanted to create a vibrant work community that extended the spirit of the Infosys culture from front of house to all areas of the workspace.

The results speak for themselves, with the project winning a Gold DrivenXDesign award for Commercial Interior Design. The 9,200m2 fitout project spans over four full floors plus a basement showcase space. Each floor takes on its own personality through form and function, optimising the user experience and communicating the interwoven conceptual story of a high-tech landscape, contrasting and intersecting with bursts of natural landscape.

As a global technology company, it was essential to showcase Infosys’ vast offering, as well as connecting with the brand within the design. The “Living Lab” customer showcase suite, located on one of the basement floors had direct public access from the Sky Park and created an experiential environment through immersive experiences, digital integration and physical displays. This floor also created an educational and information sharing platform for external users to become immersed in the Infosys world.

The project faced the ultimate challenge; being completely constructed during a global pandemic. Processes were adapted to make the experience smooth, easy and fun for the client, despite the challenges of a project being constructed in a strict Melbourne lockdown. The client’s previous office was transformed into a temporary showroom, with entire furniture package samples and options set up for review and selection based on not being able to attend any showrooms. The head contractor appointment, workshops and PCG meetings were conducted over video conferencing. The full project team’s collaboration, determination, perseverance and ability to adapt led to a successful project completion.

Sustainability was a key aspiration for the project. Specifications of all the finishes, fittings and furniture throughout the entire project were selected based on their ability to achieve a five-star rating. The base build flooring, ceiling finishes over the working floors and throughout the open areas were maintained where possible to minimise wastage. The showcase level maintained the exposed base building shell to minimise the use of additional materials. Low VOC paints and indoor planting has been implemented to improve air quality and staff wellbeing.