Breaking with tradition.

Omnia Chambers aims to break the mould in the highly traditional world of barrister’s chambers.

Omnia (the Latin word for ‘all’) was established by a group of highly regarded barristers from Sydney’s leading chambers in a move to shake up the legal industry and encourage more women and diverse candidates to join the white male-dominated bar. Siren’s brief was to help create change at the bar. To design a modern chambers reflecting Omnia’s contemporary values, helping to attract new talent and help future-proof the profession.

‘The bar has to choose to change to attract new and diverse talent.’

Kate Morgan, Senior Counsel.

Significant financial barriers to entry have entrenched the bar as a place of privilege. The traditional ‘key money’ model (requiring barristers to pay more than $500 000 to simply secure a room at chambers) is a key reason diversity is so lacking at the bar. Omnia breaks this model, dispensing with the upfront payment, instead recouping costs through higher monthly fees.

As a result, the design of Omnia Chambers is essential to the success of the concept. Breaking the mould, encouraging diversity and accessibility, whilst having great standards of design and a sense of quality is central to every element.

The design breaks from the stuffy and darkened halls of tradition in a non-hierarchical way, creating a new form of chambers that promotes collaboration and engenders a sense of belonging. Inclusivity is central to the design, which focuses on creating a welcoming and inviting fit-out and a sense of familiarity for both clients and the members of chambers.

As a profession of knowledge and excellence the atmosphere of the space is designed to be transparent, nurturing openness, approachability and trust. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the work, the offices also required acoustics and privacy to be a central consideration. The space reflects the core values of unity, collective principles and aspirations.

The design for the chambers functions day to day as individual offices with common spaces and a welcoming reception area for clients. A stunning bronze glass wall creates flexibility and can be completely opened to convert to one large space to host external social events as well as professional development sessions. This is anything but your traditional barristers chambers.