Let’s experiment!

Close your eyes and picture the offices of a traditional global consulting firm. Now flip that image on its head and imagine the exact opposite… Welcome to PwC’s South East Asia Consulting Experience Centre in Singapore’s iconic Marina One.

As the black glass doors slide open, you step into a space that feels like a contemporary art installation. It’s a space designed to surprise, to open your mind and to challenge the stereotypes. The lack of convention of the interior is precisely the point of this space. It’s a series of juxtapositions – an organic plan with geometric elements, tactile elements with high-tech integrations, darkness versus light – these are all purposeful. Designed to echo the complex and multi-faceted nature of the work done here.

“The space amplifies how we work; it doesn’t dictate how we work.”


Marco Maimone, Chief Technologist, PwC

“PwC’s clear objective was to create a space that took you from now to the future. When you walk in, it’s wow! The arrival experience is really to reset the brain, to change the way you think,” says Penny Sloane, Managing Director of Siren Design, Singapore. It’s a space built to solve complex problems whilst being filled with joy. A place where PwC can assist in creating things and giving advice that can steer society and business, with engaged clients who are a long way out of their comfort zones and loving every minute. It’s a place where PwC is earning global recognition and reaping the rewards that come with it.

“We weren’t building an ‘office’, and it wasn’t meant to be just a pretty space. It was to be predominantly about function”, explains Dominic Stallard, PwC Experience Centre Leader and Chief Creative Officer. It was crucial that the Experience Centre reflected its purpose of helping clients navigate the future of technology.

The purpose is to encourage experimentation; each space is flexible and adaptable which enables PwC to customise the setup of the space depending on their client’s problems as well as their own collaboration and ideation needs.