Evoking a sense of discovery…

The Executive Centre (TEC) is the third largest office space provider in Asia with over 170 executive centres in 14 markets across the Asia Pacific.

Our concept for the TEC in Sydney’s Angel Place was to bring the joy of the high end streetscape within. From the moment you walk into the space, user-experience is at the forefront. This combines seamlessly with high levels of flexibility and functionality – the essential elements for the success of a premium co-working space.

Our brief was to create a professional and welcoming concierge and waiting area for TEC’s space in Sydney’s iconic Angel Place building.

The aim was to make a statement and create a warm and dynamic welcome to the co-working space.

As the focal point of TEC, the space needed to be unique and have that ‘wow’ factor, whilst also serving as a truly multipurpose and highly flexible space, housing a café and community space, back-of-house private suites, front-of-house boardroom, digital pods, video conferencing meeting rooms, phone booths and co-working area.

Our objective was to create a unique entry experience that felt sophisticated and considered whilst ensuring ultimate flexibility and the seamless integration of technology and greenery throughout to meet the needs of TEC’s clients.

Angel Place in the Sydney CBD is an iconic, charming location known for its winding laneways, eclectic food offerings and vibrant culture. The surrounding architecture and street style of Angel Place inspired the interior design concepts for TEC, evoking a sense of discovery within a high-end streetscape.

This sense of discovery focused on streetscape influences in the forms and materials – from organic, ambient lighting, to sculptural forms inset into the flooring, curved forms in the joinery and in the bulkhead and ceiling design.

Texture also played a major role in evoking the streetscape with elements such as the brick tiles, pebble floor mosaic, concrete render even down to the use of ‘bridge paint’ to create a reference to Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge.

Sustainable materials were used throughout – from re-used concrete construction waste lighting to sustainable timber and the use of cork. Greenery and plant life were also strategically placed for a seamless transition from inside the office environment to the landscaped terrace.

The design needed to be sophisticated and unique and the user experience is placed at the centre of the design from the moment of entry. The sculptural dowel, high-end furnishings and quality lighting created impact upon arrival. The dowel feature ceiling takes nuance from traditional construction methods and streetscape visuals, with a contemporary edge. The lighting is designed to welcome you and lead you to your destination.

Attention to detail throughout gives the user the best experience: from coat hooks to custom zoom lighting, to dual usage breakout space, communal parent’s room with inbuilt speakers and kitchenette, accessible amenities, social and casual meeting spaces, MOD coffee bar, beverages and custom booth seating. Special attention to ambient and interactive feature lighting is at the user’s fingertips and the concealed power and data adds the practicality and technology to casual meeting experiences.