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The Sydney Sirens are honoured to have received a Gold Award for IMC Trading workplace at the Better Future Sydney Design Awards in the Interior Design – Corporate category.

This project was an amazing combination of a client that is fully committed to providing the best experience possible for their people, and a project consulting team that was so seamlessly integrated that we worked as one. We are grateful to have had both on this project, and are incredibly proud of the exceptional outcome achieved.

Project Overview

Close your eyes and imagine a traditional financial trading firm … Now meet IMC … it’s a financial trading firm, but not as you know it.

IMC is a technology-driven trading house that develops innovative technology and algorithms to trade around the world. Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative culture, IMC is on a mission to be one of the leading trading firms globally and Siren’s fit-out for their new Sydney office is a physical representation of that vision.


Project Brief

IMC trades around the globe, so a key aspect of the design brief was to create a high-amenity workplace to support the team through the highs and lows of trading at any hour of the day. The firm has a diverse mix of tech and trading teams, defined by the belief in challenging the status quo underpinned by a strong culture of collaboration. These pillars were essential aspects of the brief – the new workplace needed to both respect and inspire this work culture.

The office sits across four floors in Sydney’s stunning Quay Quarter Tower, so key was making the most of the stunning Sydney Harbour views at every opportunity, creating a truly democratic, collaborative space that is available to all (no hierarchy or corner offices here).

The essence of our design was the concept of pulse and rhythm to mirror the highs and lows of the trading day. Creating a highly interactive, vibrant and energetic workplace yet also highly functional.

The result is a space that physically represents IMC’s personality … not the average financial trading company workplace. The design is highly bespoke, intensely collaborative and dynamic at every level. The needs of team members are placed at the forefront and every need is catered for – from food options, to play, collaboration and access to the best views. Making this a truly great place to work.


Underpinning all of this was the need for the design to target WELLS Gold, which led to the inclusion of extensive plantings throughout the space, use of natural light and materials, and a consideration for the needs and wellness of staff in every way.

Being located in QQT (which was voted ‘World’s Best Building 2022’), 95% of the building’s original internal walls and 60% of its original core structure have been upcycled. In addition QQT has achieved 6 Star Greenstar Office Design and achieved 5.5 Stars in NABERS energy rating.


Project Innovation/Need

It’s not everyday you get to create a workplace for a global company that is breaking new ground as a true innovator in a highly traditional sector.

The stand-out aspects include:

Use of play – as a company that runs on high adrenalin, our design incorporated the elements of play flow throughout the space to help the team let off steam or re-energise. This includes design features such as a set of monkey bars, stretch bars, a shadow wall and a pool table which symbolises the creation of the company (over a game of pool).

High amenity – The intense nature of the business requires high amenity such as a full commercial kitchen and social hub that works equally well day or night.

Democratisation of the best views – At IMC it’s about challenging the status quo and this flows through to the design. The amazing views of Sydney Harbour and beyond are purposefully incorporated into the design to make them accessible to all members of the team. No corner offices for the hierarchy as you might see in a traditional firm – they are there for all.


Design Challenge

Trading as a business is highly demanding. The trader’s extensive equipment, the desired densities of workpoints, lighting sensitives, mechanical considerations – it was critical to consider all these technical needs, while still delivering a design that enabled their people to thrive in the most challenging of scenarios.

Having a high performing consulting team was critical to this technical project. We worked together to co-create the optimum design, and tackled any base building challenges as a unified group.




Image Credit : Luc Redmond Marcus Clinton