Welcome to the jungle.

When you’re renowned for being a disruptive company such as Atlassian you need a workplace to match.

Siren was appointed by Atlassian to design the expansion of their Sydney Campus in keeping with their ethos that had seen them crowned as “the best place to work” by BRW for two consecutive years.

Atlassian’s design brief was to create green, tech savvy, organic spaces that responded to the changing needs of their team. In response, our design placed an emphasis on raw, exposed materials and the creation of an internal jungle inviting the team to explore and experience whilst having ultimate flexibility.

Atlassian’s high performance culture of ‘deliver with passion and urgency’ was at the core of this project. With an exceedingly tight timeframe, phase 1 of the project was completed within four weeks, across four floors consisting of three working floors and one hub floor.

The hub floor created an immediate sense of welcome – a journey through the jungle starting from the lift lobby that flowed through and opened into a breakout serviced by a commercial kitchen providing daily meals for Atlassians and taking in views across the city. The space south of the kitchen showcased a ‘worldwide all hands’ area connecting Atlassians with their virtual family in other sites around the world.

An interconnecting stair between levels 28, 29 and 30 incorporated a living green wall running down the spine of the hub floor. Collaboration zones placed around the stair creates buzz, life and a sense of rhythm. The tension here between clever design and budget results in design innovation where the sweet spot results in a human-centric design that provides ultimate flexibility. Movable workstations and overhead retractable power pendants mean that Atlassians are able to reconfigure their workstations and reform clusters intuitively, effortlessly and with services within easy reach.

Contextual and connective spaces that respond to the changing needs of the Atlassians immediately result in relevant ‘living’ environments where humans can be at their best.