A rural home in the city.

The interiors of the family office of this Australian philanthropic organisation were inspired by the rural Queensland town of Cambooya, where the family patriarch, Vincent Fairfax, was born.

Known as Cambooya, the family office of The Vincent Fairfax Foundation was designed to be humble and functional for both family and foundation. A space designed for both the operational aspects of the Vincent Fairfax Foundation and members of the Fairfax family to work, meet and gather.

“Let us remember that the power and wealth of a democracy is measured not only by the number and quality of its eminent leaders but by thousands of ‘little’ leaders who provide its real strength.”


Vincent Fairfax

Address at the opening of the Birthright Conference, 8 October 1983

Timeless, professional and approachable, the project’s beauty lies in the detailing and natural materiality. Cambooya is designed to be a space of storytelling and a physical expression of the values and origins of the family. Vistas of the Botanic Gardens and the spectacular Sydney Harbour can be seen from a large portion of the floor, creating the ultimate natural back drop for Cambooya’s rurally inspired humble home.

The design is a warm, welcoming embrace with a mix of refined and rural. With a high level of functionality and flexibility in a compact environment, each area of the floor plate was maximised for purpose. Cambooya is a space that is highly considered and connected. Every material was deliberate in its selection and execution, and every aspect had to have complete flexibility and functionality.

The overall workplace design is far from corporate with its balanced and harmonious application of finishes and textures. Blurring the lines between hospitality and residential design makes this family-owned office one to remember.