Pay it forward.

BPAY is a pioneering and innovative Australian electronic payment company who has energised the electronic finance marketplace.

BPAY needed a workplace to reflect their adaptive and ever-expanding work climate and to also emulate the changes within the marketplace, their service offering as well as their internal work culture. Our brief was to create a workplace that emphasised the new brand values and vibrant culture.

Innovation, collaboration, ideation with a high level organised ‘buzz’ were the key drivers for the fitout. The result was a welcoming, adaptable contemporary workspace for BPAY to call their ‘home away from home.’

The new space represented a milestone for BPAY staff – one that paid homage to the company’s legacy as well as the whiff of an exciting evolution utilising clever technology to bust forward into a bright future. BPAY’s chosen site offered an array of challenges for design including extra high ceilings on level 1 and shallow floorplates.

Space planning and clever use of materials was critical in creating a sense of journey and discovery, transforming the former Australian Tax Office workplace into a home with a heart. An exclusive street bridge leading directly to BPAY’s doors exposed the double height space that was perfect for the interconnecting stair and innovation space. Flexible solutions allowed for inclusive, connective working environments which were balanced with collaboration and quiet meeting spaces.

The palette supported light, vibrancy and an energetic feel, while incorporating special features such as a recycled timber green wall, neon lighting and indoor/outdoor features. The warmth that is felt within the space invites both employees and visitors to make themselves at home and enjoy their stay.

Working to strategically develop BPAYs environment and style to ‘pay it forward’, the design enables the company to tap into the future to help their customers. Human-centric agile working solutions, optimised technology and flexible work settings echo the nature of the constant evolution within the finance working sphere and support the people in it.