Let’s make work better.


The nature of work is changing and workplaces are, in turn, responding to the shifts in the local and global business landscapes with key emphasis centred on connectivity and energy transfer.

JustCo was one of the first companies to champion the movement of the sharing economy within their co-working space and hot desking office in Singapore, which was keenly focused on encouraging collaborations to boost innovation and productivity.

Siren was appointed by JustCo to originally design an exciting 1,600sqm co-working space spanning across four floors. The need for the space to be an ‘experience’ formed a critical part of the brief: in addition to creating an environment that extends the comforts of home, also creating a place that ultimately supports creativity, focus, collaboration, well-being and happiness.

To maximise this experience Siren created a dynamic space that was inspired by the progressive future of work. The design team explored the physical, virtual and human elements that contribute towards an enjoyable work culture and connection. A substantial part of the space is allocated to common areas, where members can utilise this multi-purpose area for discussions, collaborations and relaxation.

“Hybrid work and ‘Work from Anywhere’ are here to stay. JustCo leverages technology to transform the way workspaces are being delivered, so businesses and individuals can decide where and how they wish to work.”


Kong Wan Sing, Founder & CEO

The design aesthetic is drawn from the use of raw materials paired with bright colours to communicate a warm and welcoming environment with an industrial edge.

The inviting working environment caters to various work settings, from hot desks, touch downs, open and collaborative environments to private office spaces. More than just a place to work JustCo was a new type of community and a new way of working. A connective hub hosting a vibrant community of brilliant individuals and companies who ”vibe off each other” to launch and grow.