Breaking the stereotypes.

When physiotherapist and healthcare professional, Matt Stanlake suffered his own muscoskeletal injuries and chronic pain, he discovered that seeking treatment was time consuming, expensive and fraught with conflicting advice. He realised there had to be a better way of delivering medical services in Australia – and the idea for Upwell Health Collective was born.

Upwell’s brief to Siren was to create an innovative, collaborative and inspiring environment where patients and clients could feel like they were part of a health community working together to achieve their health, wellness, fitness and recovery goals. The aim was to revolutionise the way health care services were delivered in Australia.

The design of Upwell was a game changer. Breaking the stereotype of the clinical, impersonal look and feel of a typical health clinic. The space was designed to feel inviting – encouraging interactions and collaboration between staff and patients.

The raw and industrial building gives the space a down-to-earth atmosphere, whilst the height of the exposed ceilings gives a feeling of comforting spaciousness. Planting and warm-timber tones add to the friendly, open atmosphere. The neutral palette is punctuated by invigorating pops of colour and custom neon lights. The look and feel is designed to appeal to a wide variety of ages and demographics making it a space where everyone feels comfortable and welcome.

Matt Stanlake wanted to make a difference for other patients – as a result, he has created an award-winning innovative, collaborative and inspiring environment where patients and clients feel like they are a part of a health community working together. We are proud to have played our part in helping take this from initial concept to fruition.