An innovation hub

The ethos of consumer goods company, Procter and Gamble (P&G) is to ‘make every day more than ordinary’ and we took this as our inspiration in this design.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is the largest household and personal care company in the world with operations across 70 countries, and brands sold in more than 180 countries internationally. P&G’s Asia Pacific headquarters are located in the Singapore Innovation Centre (SGIC), Singapore’s largest private research facility.

The P&G research and development centre is manned by about 500 scientists and engineers with capabilities in consumer research, formulation, fragrance design, new materials, process development, equipment design, package design, analytical, performance testing, safety and regulatory assessment.

Innovation and collaboration between teams is at the heart of the innovation centre. Siren’s design brief was to transform an under-utilised café space into a place where multi-disciplinary teams could come together to develop creative solutions to help realise the company’s purpose – ‘to improve the lives of the world’s consumers’. The challenge was to do this with minimal structural modifications.

Our response was to work with the existing structures, making them features of the space whilst maximising the usage and minimising waste. The use of striking elements such as vibrant dichroic film on the glass façade (which changes colour depending on the angle you view it from) were designed to draw people’s attention.

The interior is defined by a single material: cork, which is 100% natural and renewable. The furniture is also completely flexible and can be transformed from stools, to tables or high tables and technology is integrated as well, to ensure that the space provides all of the tools to inspire creative thinking and problem solving.

The result is a dynamic, engaging yet highly functional space which used by the teams in their creative process.