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The Sydney Sirens are honoured to have walked away with one gold and two silver awards at the DrivenxDesign Sydney Design Awards this week.

Taking home Gold in the Co-working & Studio Space category, the team were praised for the creative transformation of FromHereOn from office to a sophisticated and refined space with high level furnishing and detailing. Easily mistaken for a beautiful bar or hotel lounge, the space is permeated by striking customised touches that imprint on the memory of clients and delivered an overall reflection of the FromHereOn core objective, helping their clients in realising the endless possibilities to innovate and stay ahead of the competition while remaining human and warm.

Icare ilabs were awarded silver in the category for Corporate & Commercial Interior Design for the exceptional use of space, furnishing, fixtures and finishes. The team were commended on pioneering change, allowing the intent of the design to play out by empowering the employees and humanising the insurance industry through the creation of an innovative and enriching learning space and the employment of highly functional, accessible and flexible technologies.

Welcoming a second Silver award in the Service – Health/Active Life category for the outstanding work on Vive Active, the team were complimented for the innovative use of lighting, also receiving commendations for the fresh approach to brief, creating an energising, motivating and all-sensory environment that is fairly unconventional within the industry and that is equally technologically advanced as it is instagrammable.