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Siren Design was founded only 13 years ago as a disruptive start up that, today, is one of the most respected design companies in the Asia Pacific region. At its helm is your 2018 Luminary: Mia Feasey, the CEO and founder of Siren Design. Driven by her dictum of “starting from the ground up with nothing to lose,” Feasey is recognised as one of the industry’s most-active mentors, developing and nurturing the talent of tomorrow’s design leaders. Having designed award-winning interiors for Twitter, Facebook and Uber in recent years, her clientele as well as her design approach takes a bold stand about the future direction of design: that which embraces technology, is fearless in its innovation, and unapologetic in its humour and warmth.

Siren’s offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore allow Feasey’s practice to vary its work across several sectors including hospitality, retail, workplace and residential development. Taking home the Gold Sydney Design Award 2017, she has been highly commended as an inspirational businessperson soaring through the newly evolving international design market on our doorstep.

Recognised as an ambitious natural leader, Feasey has led her team effortlessly into our industry’s new maturity, allowing the practice to dominate and positively reform conventional interior design limits. Keeping work practices spontaneous, exciting and creative, Feasey undoubtedly holds the characteristics of a Luminary.